Manufacturing & industrial marketing

Strategic Marketing to Scale Qualified Leads for Product Manufacturers

Targeting industrial buying processes to target your highest priority markets and drive qualified leads to improve your opportunities to get specified and win big deals.

We help manufacturers target, attract, engage and win new sales opportunities with ideal-fit customers.

Problems we solve

  • Watching potential customers select competitors that are less-capable
  • Not enough qualified leads to effectively fill their sales pipeline.
  • Too busy to prospect and develop new market opportunities
  • Your buyers are uninformed about what sets you apart from competitors
  • Lack of awareness among key decision-makers at the right sales stages
  • Declining return and referral business

Increasing Referrals and Accelerating Qualified Leads and Opportunities

REVX will profile your client’s beliefs, motivations and behavior to outline a clear path forward for your prospects to find you and engage with your content at critical brand intersection points: website, search engines, targeted advertising, social and direct prospecting methods. 

If you’re waiting for a request for proposal, you’re missing out on 70% to 90% of the opportunities that develop at early stages of your clients’ research process. Why? Because all buyers, even those referred by a trusted colleague, are research, comparing, and developing comparative short lists of qualified firms, before you ever know that they’re looking.

Strategic Planning


Account Targeting

Buyer Personas

Email Marketing

Content Marketing

Lead Generation

Search Marketing


Lead Conversion

Data Analysis


Start with Your Growth Score to Assess Your Company's Capacity for Growth

Leverage the only free diagnostic assessment designed for professional service and B2B companies that navigate complex buying processes and long sales cycles. Growth Score will guide your strategic planning by helping you identify and prioritize the greatest needs in your firm.

30 Powerful Lead Generation Ideas

Download this free resource guide for inspiration to drive targeted, qualified leads. This 20 page guide includes best practices that have resulted in more than 1 million leads. Many of the concepts can be implemented quickly to drive results, fast.