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An Inbound Marketing Agency to develop strategies that leverage the priorities that will deliver the biggest impact on delivering qualified leads and new customer acquisition

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a strategic framework for a data-driven marketing approach for bringing your best prospects to you. Executing inbound tactics emphasizes strategic content interactions between your brand and your prospects as they are searching for solutions to their problems or for your products, instead of interrupting or wasting resources on prospects who are not ready, not a good fit, or not profitable.

How inbound marketing is used to drive sales

Prospects are conducting their own research online to gather better insights about their industry, how to solve their problems, and who can help them.

Inbound marketing is a systematic, research-driven, data-intensive process of helping buyers solve specific problems at each stage of the buying journey. By meeting buyers where they are in their own problem solving process, we help you stand out from the competition and keep your prospects interested. This drives preference for your brand and improves lead conversions, and helps nurture prospects as they advance to building a shortlist of providers and ultimately a purchasing decision. 

Ready to bring more of your prospects to your brand and scale your sales opportunities? Let’s start with a conversation about how inbound marketing can make a difference.

Our inbound marketing solution

We start with defining your objectives and selecting the target companies you can help and creating buyer personas to inform our strategies. We build and configure your technology infrastructure like your CRM platform or your website marketing software. 

Then we develop strategic content for each stage of the buying process, promoting and engaging prospects through articles, search engine optimization, paid targeting, email and every relevant targeted channel to attract buyers and bring them to your website and other channels to convert unknown visitors to leads, which can be qualified and nurtured through the different stages of the buying process until each lead is sales-ready. We train your sales team on best practices for engaging buyers to fill your pipeline and speed up the sales cycle.

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  • Defining specific business objectives and measures of success
  • Identifying target accounts and mapping the key stakeholders who will drive results
  • Developing buyer personas of the key influencers and decision-makers
  • Selecting and configuring your technology infrastructure including CRM and Marketing
  • Determining how uses flow through your sales funnel

Inbound Marketing Campaign Checklist

Download this free resource guide  and gain insights about the detailed mechanics and the sequence of steps to execute lead generating machines.