who we help

It might sound like we've got what you need, but let's make sure we're a good fit for a strategic partnership.

What kind of companies do we work with?

We work as an aligned, consultative, strategic partner. We care about our clients’ businesses and we are committed to understanding their challenges and objectives and then planning strategies that will deliver results. But we’re not a vendor. We trust that you have decided to work with REVX because you value our expertise and advice.

Our clients offer products and consulting services with technical features and complex value propositions and lengthy buying processes. We help B2B manufacturers and professional service firms target, attract, engage and accelerate qualified leads and sales opportunities with prospects that represent ideal-fit customers.

10 Problems we solve

Our approach requires a broad footprint of expertise. We regularly solve the following big ten problems, but we can also help you build a business that you can sell or reach out for new investment. We’re comfortable with financial statements and conversations with the CFO. Our goal is to help you solve problems that make financial sense. Sound good? Let’s start a conversation.

  • Your brand lacks visibility among key decision-makers
  • Your business is opportunities to less-qualified competitors
  • You are struggling to decide where to start - suffering from the costs of inaction
  • You can reach your targets, but you're not converting enough traffic to qualified leads
  • Challenges proving the ROI of marketing investments
  • You don't have the expertise to select and implementing the right technologies
  • You're not closing enough of your qualified leads
  • You don't have the strategic framework to manage or measure marketing effectively
  • You're having trouble recruiting the talent you need to grow and lead your category
  • You're not generating enough repeat or referral business from existing customers

Characteristics of our best-fit clients

  • Small to midsize B2B companies with $5M to $30M in annual revenue
  • They are subject-matter-experts with deep expertise in their industry
  • They sell products and services that require customization and consultation
  • Their customer makes thoughtful, educated purchasing decisions
  • There may be long sales processes with multiple decision-makers
  • Ready and willing to invest in a strategy-first approach
  • Willingness to invest time and attention in partnering through the process
  • Commitment to invest at least 10% of the goal (rule of thumb) in growing business
  • Executive leadership is willing and able to direct and align organization around growth
  • Willingness to learn and accept prescriptive and consultative advice
  • Transparent and willing to provide access to data and subject-matter-experts as needed

Situations that don't work as well

Sometimes we’re not a great match for each other. Before working together, we need to take an inventory of the following potential issues.

  • Lack time or willingness to collaborate and participate in the process
  • Paralyzing fear of change making transformation difficult
  • Short-term approaches, quick-fixes, constantly changing direction
  • A lack of alignment between partnership goals and C-suite, Managers or Staff

If that all sounds good...

We start every potential partnership with an always-free conversation to understand where you’ve been and where you’re headed. We’ll invite you to participate in our Growth Score diagnostic assessment to quickly gather some facts about your current situation. if it all sounds like a good fit, the first thing we’ll do is work together on a strategic planning consulting project to refine our objectives and then to outline a step-by-step course of action and a proposal to deliver the results.

Our prices? Let's start at free. The first step is an always-free conversation.

Schedule a free consultation and we’ll start a conversation about your business and make specific recommendations to help you improve your results.