How to Optimize Your Blog for SEO & Engagement

The Inbound Methodology consists of four marketing stages: Attract, Convert, Close, and Delight. When looking at the most important components of the Attract Stage, blogging is right there at the top. Proper execution of your blog — both through search engine optimization (SEO) and reader engagement — are the best methods for driving organic traffic to your website.


Fortunately, you can up your efficiency and effectiveness by optimizing simultaneously for click-throughs and search engines throughout every step of your blog creation.

Develop Your Blogging Strategy

The first step in writing amazing blog posts that are sure to entice both the search engines and your customers is to develop a strategy. You’ve probably already gone through most of these steps for your overall inbound marketing strategy, so we’ll just briefly touch on the crucial elements here.

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Looking for More Insight About Growth?

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Peter Wyro, MBA

Peter Wyro, MBA

Chief Growth Officer. Peter has led international marketing and product development teams which have resulted in more than $100 million in revenue and asset value creation. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and an MBA from the University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management. Proud father of two awesome daughters.