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The number one financial concern is the opportunity cost of focusing on the wrong initiatives at the expense of competitors who getting better at competing for the same customers and same profits.

  • Free. Score before you invest in a strategy
  • Analyze dozens of contributing factors
  • Simple, meaningful measure of your growth
  • Identify and prioritize profit opportunities
  • Help determine sequence of improvements

Improve ROI

Growth-Builder is completely FREE, but it also saves hours and hours of time scanning through the factors that contribute to the overall health of your “ability” to grow your business. Your score provides insights to help you prioritize the¬†improvements that need to be made to maximize ROI.

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Common Questions About Growth Builder Score

Why is it Free? Because helping is the best kind of selling. More than 300 hours have gone into the development of both our scoring system and a fast-track strategic planning process. We invested our time and expertise to provide value for ambitious business leaders, just like us.

My business is different. How will this work for me?

Our focus is companies in industrial, engineering, manufacturing, and other scientific and technology-intensive markets. We’ve researched and tested the scoring model based on responses and real-world challenges at businesses, just like yours, at different stages of growth.

I need an entire strategic plan. How does this help me?

A strategic plan is the logical next step, but we recommend our “score-first” approach to avoid the time and cost of an open-ended, comprehensive analysis. Your Growth-Builder Score is a powerful diagnostic tool that saves time and money and can point you the right direction.

There are several involved in Strategy. Can they participate?

Yes. Let us know in advance that you would like a custom scoring system, and one of our consultants will create a unique instance of the scoring model, for as many people in your firm, as you would like to participate.

What if I'm not the final decision-maker? How does this help me?

Sometimes it’s difficult to get the attention of the executive decision-makers. Growth-Builder is a powerful resource to help you document the “state of your business” and highlight critical issues that need to be addressed. Many companies use Growth Builder to start the conversation about strategy.

What's included in the deliverable?

You will receive a 20-page document, for you to keep, with a breakdown of each of your score, in each of your growth cores. A consultant personally reviews your business and your competitor to understand better how the score is relevant to your business and your objectives.

What does my score measure?

Your score is a benchmark of your performance, compared to other companies with similar goals, challenges, and objectives. The measure includes your internal insights as well as the assessment of the consultant. A quick assessment helps us understand if a business is at a “foundation” level, a “growth” level, or reach to scale.

How was the score developed?

We leveraged research from thousands of B2B companies to understand common factors that indicate how some businesses thrive and others struggle. Our experienced consultants then developed a framework to integrated the unique characteristics of our customers with proven practices from a wide range of industries.

What if word of mouth drives our business?

Referrals and advocacy are as important as ever, but the difference in a digital world is that the conversation about your business happens online. 100% of your new customers will visit your website to learn more about you before they reach out. Growth Builder helps diagnose how efficiently your referrals are converted to leads and new customers.
Growth Drivers
Leadership Platform
Sales Platform
Growth Opportunity
Brand Magnet
Lead Generation
Customer Acquisition
Data Analysis

Growth Cores

We’ve taken much of the pain out of the process of scanning your customer acquisition engine. Based on our research, we can divide your strategic issues and diagnose your sales funnel by looking at your score across eight core growth areas.

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