Buyer Persona Targeting & Research

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Personas are foundational research assets that guide all other marketing initiatives. A persona is a fictional story that represents the questions, perceptions, goals, beliefs, objections and decision-making criteria of real customers. 

Guiding your B2B content strategies

A strategy without focus lacks the guidance necessary to reach an organization’s goals. Selecting the market opportunities that will drive results, and then determining the stakeholders who influence the sales process is essential to an effective marketing strategy. Persona targeting provides the strategic insights into buying processes, motivations, and behavior of target buyers.

Buyer Personas Inform Strategies and Connection Points Between Real People and Brand Experiences

Developing buyer personas is an ongoing research endeavor that combines insights from internal stakeholders, observations of customer behavior, and direct interviews with representative ideal customers. The research methodologies include surveys, data analysis, guided discussion and secondary research. 

Target the right buyers

Download this free resource guide and learn how to analyze your B2B buying process and identify the key stakeholders with the greatest influence. This definitive guide will help you understand buyer questions, perceptions and motivations so that you can align your marketing with every stage of the buyer’s journey.