Growth Plan S3

A smart, simple, strategic planning process to design a framework for building the infrastructure you need to grow your business and the campaigns to drive new customers.

growth plan s3

We build a clear vision of the horizon, and through a process of testing and measuring, we make continuous, iterative improvements. This agile approach results in less costly planning, in both time and resources and more flexibility to adapt strategies and tactics to deliver results.

Growth Score

Growth-Score is a proprietary diagnostic tool to scan through dozens of factors that are essential to the health of growing your business. Your score helps us evaluate your Growth-Stage, providing insights about specific strategic needs.

  • Growth Score and Growth Stage
  • Growth-Score review and recommendations

Identify Target Market Opportunities

Specify highest-priority A & B target customer(s) or opportunities. Within the key target group, identify the key stakeholders and decision-makers that drive the buying process.

  • Identify and profile highest (2) priorities
  • Identify decision-makers and key stakeholders

Develop Buyer Personas

Buyer insights research used to understand buyer behavior and motivations and to inform specific strategies and actions to target and engage your ideal customer.

  • Goals, perceptions, objections and behavior
  • Determine key questions asked in the sales process
  • Determine positioning themes, messaging and USPs
  • Define user-journeys (research + buying process)

Brand Positioning Research

Review of your competitive environment to identify specific opportunities to differentiate your brand and improve your positioning with your core audience. Evaluate your branding infrastructure and recommend specific engagements to build your brand strategies and assets.

  • Review competitors (3) for gaps and overlap
  • Review client brand assets and architecture
  • Identify potential opportunities to differentiate
  • Recommend potential brand engagements

SEO Recommendations

Review competitive demand for relevant search terms, competitor strategies and performance, domain and structural SEO issues.

  • Scan domain-wide SEO issues
  • Review competitor organic traffic drivers

Score Your Marketing Tech-Stack

Review competitive demand for relevant search terms, competitor strategies and performance, domain and structural SEO issues.

  • Website recommendations
  • Sales technology recommendations (CRM)
  • Data analysis, CRO, other potential needs
  • Install trial of HubSpot to gather data

Lead Conversions

Strategies for driving targeted traffic and leads.

  • Content themes for target audiences
  • ID relevant digital channels and themes
  • Options for lead conversion campaigns

Lead Nurturing

Re-engaging active leads and advancing them through the sales funnel to create sales-ready opportunities.

  • Full-Funnel campaign strategy
  • Campaign schematics to sequence key tactics
  • Use of marketing automation

Proposal to Implement

Core plan for the first 12-24 weeks and proposal to implement, aligned with your existing team and resources or as your outsourced partner.

  • Plan for the fist 12-24 weeks
  • Budget and investment options
  • Potential ROI scenarios
  • Full documentation
  • Campaign workflow schematics

Download 8 Keys to Building an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Download this free resource guide with insights on the strategic planning process for developing a customer-focused, inbound marketing framework, so that you can target your ideal buyer, and engage them more quickly, and improve opportunities for new sales.