Growth Platform

Growth Plan is a fast-track strategic planning process that integrates proven, best-practices, with specific analysis of your category and your business performance. Starting with your Growth Score, our data-driven strategic planning process delivers a framework for building the infrastructure you need to grow your business and the campaigns to drive new customers.

Growth Platform

A Strategic Planning Process to Plan, Build, and Deliver Results, Fast.

We build a clear vision of the horizon, and through a process of testing and measuring, we make continuous, iterative improvements. This agile approach results in less costly planning, in both time and resources and more flexibility to adapt strategies and tactics to deliver results.

Select priority goals and benchmark existing sales performance.
Step 2
Evaluate competitive environment for competitive opportunities and gaps.
Step 4
Evaluate technology, brand, and content infrastructure requirements.
Step 6
First Schedule
Determine the sequence of activities required for the first 12-24 weeks and deliver a proposal to implement.
Step 1
ROI Model
Determine how to calculate potential return on investment.
Step 3
Customer Targeting
Select ideal customers and develop buyer personas
Step 5
Develop Campaigns
Determine lead acquisition channels, content campaign themes and content conversions.
Step 7

Download 8 Keys to Building an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Download this free resource guide with insights on the strategic planning process for developing a customer-focused, inbound marketing framework, so that you can target your ideal buyer, and engage them more quickly, and improve opportunities for new sales.